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A Studio for Mature Clientele
Just Intelligent Movement

A Studio for Mature Clientele
Just Intelligent Movement

Measuring our success one client at a time.

Measuring our success one client at a time.

About Us

What can Pilates do for you

 Strengthen   your  core  and  pelvic  floor.  Establish better  posture.  Relieve  back, neck  and joint  pain through  better  muscle  recruitment.   Post physiotherapy  fitness that is safe and  progressive, from post rehab  to  athletic  conditioning.   

Why Pilates for Recovery/Rehabilitation

Once we have experienced pain and injury our bodies develop strategies to try and reduce the discomfort. In time, those strategies lead to improper muscle recruitment which stress the rest of the body and create faulty muscle patterning. Pilates is designed to re-instate proper muscle recruitment and movement. 

Know Your Body

Every body is different. Pilates will teach you how to listen to what your body is telling you, improve the way you personally address your issues and strengthen the areas of your body creating your imbalances. We start at your core. Knowing what the core feels like to be stable will enhance a positive posture and create the strength you need to improve your daily living.   

What do our clients have to say?

We both attend classes. Just different ones.

We enjoy an active lifestyle, Biking, motorcycling, skiing, sailing, running and Pilates. We attend different classes for the most part and feel that Pilates helps us to keep our joints moving and our muscles strong . Mim and Richard

I no longer live with chronic pain

  I have been going to Pilates Emporium for approximately 2 1/2 years.   I originally went to Barb to seek therapy for an injury and a con-genitive back defect.  I was in chronic pain.  After doing 10 private sessions with Barb, I was already starting to see improvement.  I started reformer classes and continued to see improvement.   I no long live with chronic pain and been given a new lease on living life.  It has been a answer to my prayers.  Benita V

Making it fun.


Thanks to Barb Schmidt and her Pilates classes we are able to keep doing the things we love! Barb tailors exercises to each of our own specific needs and limitations while making it fun.

 Guus and Jane

How do clients feel about their Pilates Practice with us?

Pain for many years

 I experienced my first session at Pilates Emporium in August 2018. 

My intent was to help strengthen my core after an abdominal surgery. What I have since experienced, has been transformative. So far, my workouts have been one-on-one reformer sessions with Barb Schmidt. I plan to start taking group classes, in the new year. My core has strengthened and continues with every session. My added bonus was when some body mechanic issues that I have had for years and had expected to live with were identified by Barb. We have been working on those old problems and I now have pain relief and a greater mobility, that I had never thought possible. 
Fully expecting that Pilates would be a means to an end in my recovery, I now  know that pilates will be a constant in my weekly routine. 
Thanks to Pilates Emporium and Barb, I feel stronger, more flexible and definitely more energized. 
Linda Hodgson

How I start each day.

 Together with my friend Cindy I began participating at Pilates Emporium in early 2010.  It wasn't too long before I was enrolled in a class 5 days a week.  It has become how I start each day.  I can truly say that despite the fact that I do a class 5 days a week and have done so for almost nine years Barb ( and more recently Ellen) makes each class unique...always equipped with new ideas and always very aware of each members injuries or physical limitations.  Not only does my physical self benefit from attending Pilates Emporium, but socially it has almost become my "Cheers Bar"!!  Thank you Pilates Emporium!!  Mim P.

Have never looked back

 We had been looking for a place to do reformer pilates and found Pilates Emporium on line.  We signed up about 4 months ago and have never looked back.  Barb is extremely knowledgeable, individually attentive and makes classes fun.  She works hard to make the workouts interesting and challenging.  We attend classes twice per week and the routines are always varied, targeting different body parts and teaching new skills.  The studio is clean and comfortable and simply a pleasure to be in.  Well done Barb!!! Denise and Jim

Measuring our success one client at a time.

An hour passes by in the blink of an eye!


I originally joined, about a year and a half ago, because I had retired to Niagara-on-the-Lake, had never enjoyed exercising before, but knew that the secret to healthful aging was keeping my joints moving!!  Pilates Emporium's owner, Barb, has the most incredible knowledge of human anatomy and movement. I have safely become stronger and more flexible than ever before.  More importantly, I love exercising!  I can't believe I can say that.  Now my husband, a master cyclist with the St.Catharine's Cycling Club, has also joined to maintain flexibility and core strength needed to stay competitive in cycling. The classes are so safe and so much fun, an hour passes by in the blink of an eye!  We are so glad we joined!

Augmenting my weekly fitness regime with Pilates

i have been

I have been attending Pilates Emporium for 2 years now and joined due to a co-worker's recommendation. I augment my current fitness regime with Pilates Reformer. The classes are always fun, playful and creative. I feel like a kid again. I receive the indidual attention for my specific needs and feel like everytime I leave the studio I have worked every muscle in my body. Janice G. 

Knee Arthritis and torn Meniscus


I have been at Pilates Emporium almost from the beginning. I arrived with a torn meniscus in my knee, which was an indication of knee arthritis. Attending Pilates 5 times a week has helped me to stay strong and deal with the arthritis, especially as other forms of exercise like running and walking long distances became too difficult. Barb's energy and skill at leading Pilates classes is an amazement to me. Even though I attend so often, I am never bored. I am very thankful that Pilates Emporium is part of my life 

And thats not all

Pilates Emporium was recommended.


It was recommended that I try out Pilates Emporium to help get stronger in a gentle way after surgery.  It has helped in my healing process in many ways and would not hesitate to recommend Pilates Emporium.  So grateful for that suggestion. M.C.

Multiple surgeries on both legs


I had a bad car accident that resulted in an array of injuries leading to multiple surgeries on both legs and two years off work.  The fact that people remark at how well I’ve recovered is, to a very great degree, the result of my sessions with Barb.  She is a skilled and patient practitioner who identifies the particular needs of every client and provides personalized services that address each one’s particular needs. Mike O.

Doubled the stamina I have in a day.


I started with Pilates Emporium in the Spring of 2018 to help strengthen and improve my posture. Right away Barb was able to identify my problem areas. Within the first month I had reduced discomfort and pain in areas I had been having for years.

It was a history I had with herniation of discs in my back that had weakened me. With Barb's guidance and expertise I can say I have doubled the stamina I have in a day.  

Her classes are achievable and the support from the other members at the Studio is encouraging. 

Highly recommended.

Debra  B.