Exercises for clients.

Privacy Policy

We do not provide personal information regarding our clients to any other client or business unless expressly agreed upon by the client. We will work with any therapist involved with our clients once permission has been received.

Additional Information

Essential/Intermediate/ Athletic Class Descriptions

Essential classes are designed for clients who are newer to Pilates or need modifications requiring a slower pace to maximize specific strengthening. Intermediate classes are at a faster pace and more complex movements. Athletic Conditioning is for experienced Pilates practitioners. Instructors will identify appropriate class enrolment.

Private Sessions

All new clients to the studio  have 3 private sessions before joining a class. Private sessions allow the instructor  to focus fully on the individual clients strengths and needs and design sessions to address those needs. Progressing exercises are based on client's goal attainment. 


Physio-Pilates is assessed and designed by our physiotherapist,  Yulia Sternin. Yulia has a home based clinic as well. Please call or email the studio to find out more about our Physio-Pilates program. 

905-682-3400 pilatesemporium@outlook.com

Access To Classes, Accounts and Schedule

You can access your classes, schedule and accounts on line. On our Home  page of our website you will see...On-Line Booking. Press the phrase and after you create your user name (the email address we have on file for you) and you enter a password of your choosing, you are ready to go. Let us know if you have any challenges. You must have "cookies" on your device. 

Home Programs

We will develop a home program for you based on your needs and interests. The Home programs require 1 hour of private instruction prior to developing the program. The instructor will take pictures of you performing the exercise correctly and will use an additional hour to record the program and send it to you. In the near future we will be adding a blog where you can access exercises and stretches designated by your instructor. 

Who do we work with.

Pilates is for anyone interested in knowing their bodies well and strengthening in ways you never thought possible. Pilates is great for an option on it's own or to add to your current physical activities. We provide instruction for rehabilitation to athletic conditioning. 

If you have any of the following issues, Pilates will help. MS, Stroke,  joint replacements, SI joint issues, back pain, surgery, stenosis, herniations; neck pain/surgery. Osteoporosis, arthritis, spinal deterioration. If you don't have any physical issues, you will find that Pilates fitness will just make you stronger and more confident.